When the Spirit of God begins to dig deep in the inner man things are exposed that we often do not understand.

Emotions that have been held hostage are set free often with mixtures of memories. Unlocking and Loosing has begun and now all the sudden your feeling the tug.

Cries for mercy, cries for help, face to face with what was squelched. Thinking I thought that was done and gone yet God had seen there were pieces still all along.

Met with inadequacies and failures of man we come to the end of ourselves all over again. His Spirit fills like water and cleanses rushing like a river and blowing like a wind.
Take courage in the place of the unlocking for right around on the other side of the tears, in the place where He dries your eyes, there will be a new you begin to rise.

The digging around by His Spirit will crown a new voice in you that was yet to be found. He will flood you with waters to wash up all that sits and cause a new refreshing aroma to emit.

Embers relit for the heart that cries and seeks to walk ever by His side. Realizations of imperfections of man causes His Amazing Grace to be seen again! Take courage for this too will pass, He is just unlocking your heart and love is within your grasp.

Christina Sturgeon

Beautiful, anointed art by art of kleyn http://www.artofkleyn.co.za/