Inhale the Breath of Life

As darkness tries to roll over your bones understand that I am the I am. I am the BREATH of Life. As darkness increases and CONTINUES to increase, you must learn to come to Me. Run to me, and breathe in. Inhale deep in My Presence and I will give you life. Life that ye … Continue reading Inhale the Breath of Life

The Lock and Key

The Lock🔓🗝 and the Key The Lock in the gateway, placed there to " bar the way" they had been long barred out of the way of the Gate. Now there was a Key of Knowledge found in the King's Treasury room. Luke's account likens unto this key. " Woe unto you, lawyers! For you … Continue reading The Lock and Key

Glory Realms

Become the quantum observer of Jesus Yeshua healing and delivering those you are praying for! The 'observer effect' by seeing, observing in the spirit realm we can bring change; transformation happens through watching and praying! This is widely understood in the science of physics. Observation brings transformation! I will stand upon my watch, and set … Continue reading Glory Realms

Pickin’ Up Pearls

Pickin up Pearls..... I seen a woman in a field, bowed over as she slowly walked. Looking all around her, left then right, looking behind as if careful to not have missed anything. She moved so gracefully as she bowed over looking all around. "Pickin up Pearls!" "Pickin up Pearls!" I hear echoing as I … Continue reading Pickin’ Up Pearls