Prophetic Revolution and what’s happening now

What's happening now, I hear a sound, the Prophetic Revolution Rising, and shaking the ground! Wombs and Tombs are contracting now! Call forth, empty them where movement is found! There is a lot of rumbling going on, the kingdoms are shaking now, the winds are blowing and more are AWAKENING!As the wind blows and the … Continue reading Prophetic Revolution and what’s happening now

Are you a leader?

Often times a leader finds themselves in a role they did not ask for. The role of leader. Not looking to make followers and yet they turn and there they are, people are following them. The Apostle Paul said, Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. 1 Cor. 11:1 In the Body of … Continue reading Are you a leader?

Messengers on Fire!

A Cobra raises it's head and slithers in close swiftly, sooner than I could speak the heel was coming down!#nightvision#treadandtrample#getyourwarrioron I began praying in the spirit, as I did the Spirit whispers to my heart, be still, listen close. So I attempt to be still as I confess I have been quite wiggly lately. I … Continue reading Messengers on Fire!

Glory Realms

Become the quantum observer of Jesus Yeshua healing and delivering those you are praying for! The 'observer effect' by seeing, observing in the spirit realm we can bring change; transformation happens through watching and praying! This is widely understood in the science of physics. Observation brings transformation! I will stand upon my watch, and set … Continue reading Glory Realms