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I seen a ladder, it continued as far as my eye could see. I thought of Jacob’s ladder immediately; ascending and descending. But then I didn’t see any going up or coming down, but rather I seen 7 going round. I saw 7 spirits dancing. They were moving in a circular motion. They were wearing white flowy garments but not like we think of heavenly ones. I could see they had feet and legs like a person, but these were above the ladder which extended above the earth, far above.

As each one would move in synchronized fashion their feet drew my attention. With each and every stomp I could feel things shatter. I heard the words “these were made to tread and trample. They dance upon the dragon’s head.” I watched as each one took fire from a bowl they carried and poured it upon this dragon’s head. They didn’t seem violent, but rejoicing. It was almost like a child’s play celebration. Round and round they went pouring out their fire, taking turns, staying in sync with one another. Feet stomping in gladness as each one reach the front of the ladder.
9-2-20 3:30 am

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