Ever feel like you know you “have wings” but can’t get off the ground!? It may just seem as though something is always weighing you down? It’s hard sometimes to keep all the right balls in the air as you juggle life. Most often it’s our dreams that end up falling to the ground and lying dormant. We walk by so to speak and see it, being reminded once and awhile that oh ya I wish I could do that. At times we see someone else going for it and up up they go and ascension becomes their portion.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2 Cor. 3:17

I want to encourage you today that some may make it look easy to put those wings to work but it’s not always easy. There is an exercise of motion and a momentum to build in learning to fly. I remember the day I “discerned” freedom in my own life, I was in a worship service and just all the sudden the air felt clear, crisp and easier to breathe. I sensed life felt so light! The heaviness and stuffy clouds I had breathed through for so long had parted ways and I knew I had been brought to a level of freedom. It took me a few years of intentional work to get to that day, but God was faithful. Since then I have learned that freedom comes in levels or layers at times. Times and seasons is the way life takes us.

Today, I pray that your times and seasons will not be altered, hindered or shifted but come at the precise moment by the Almighty Hand of God


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