We have heard this word a lot the last couple of years. Seems as if many have been through transition after transition in multiple areas of their lives. So what does transition mean?

Transition- the process or period of changing from one state to another, from one condition to another. Change, move, passage, adjustment and even metamorphosis are all words that mean the same as transition.

sands of time fall at a pace…

Many of these words prompt an emotional response in the majority of people. Some like change and get excited, always looking for something new and thrive at adjusting to the new things. While others strongly dislike change and will do anything to avoid it.

Some get anxious during times of passage or even fearful of change that directly effects their life. Transition can be very difficult for some people. I personally thought I was a person who liked change until the last few years. So many transitions have effected my life that it seems as if I’ve lived in one long five year process of transition in one arena of my life. Children becoming young adults, graduating high school, starting families of their own can be very exciting but also very emotional. Careers, jobs, even locations can be tough transitions for many.

I write all of this to encourage others. Many of us go through transitions so quickly that our emotions can’t catch up to the now. To keep our soul healthy we must learn to process in prayer and be gracious in understanding. Some are easy going as if they are not at all effected by transition, while others need time to process and adjust.

God said, get wisdom, it is the principal thing and in all your getting, get understanding. It is important that we take time to breathe. Time to process, time to be still in His presence. Because most all of us live in households with other members, we should be gracious in understanding how we all cope with transitions.

Whether spiritual, familial, financial, or emotional transitions can take weeks or months, or even years. Not every person processes these at the same speed. Communication and understanding is key. Western cultural has taught us to go, go, go. We have become such a quick paced society that many have gone into a stressful, survival mode to cope.

God said, BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. I believe He meant, slow down, breathe, think quietly. Reflect and pray quietly in His presence, especially during times of transition. Know Him in the still moments, meaning being intimate with His Spirit will bring peace and clarity. Change may excite you or terrify you; either way God never sleeps nor slumbers. True peace flows from the Prince of Peace, just breathe. Take time to reflect.

What transitions have you gone through the last couple of years?

Do you need healing from any hurts, wounds, traumas?

Do you need to refocus, reset, or regroup?

Be kind to you! ❤ Breathe❤ Be still ❤ Process

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