While we honor the OLD RUGGED CROSS and are humbled in adoration at His AMAZING GRACE we are born from a different cloth.
We are from His resurrection garments! We were born on the third day. Our sound cries out HE’S ALIVE and DEATH WAS ARRESTED.
We are the end time army arising with fire on our hearts ready to tread and trample on all the wiles of the enemy. We hear the sound of the shofar blasts and are not just the SAINTS GO MARCHING IN but we were born for such a time as this to SHOUT DRY BONES COME ALIVE!
We are the prophetic revolution rising. Let the SPIRIT AND THE BRIDE SAY COME. We are not seperate from first day, nor second day babies but we dont just sing about JUST A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE, but we are summoned to the courts of heaven before our AMAZING LOVE King.
Seems to few understand the advancing revelations and different annointings, wine skins, and supernatural abilities that are passed from one generation to the next; but we ask that you make room for us to join you and know that while you have a sound we also have a sound. CAN YOU HEAR THE SOUND? The sound we were born to is woven deep within our new creature. It’s the sound we cry GREAT ARE YOU LORD to! We believe we might as well SHOUT NOW with a roar!
The sound of life and the sound of CHAINS FALLING. The sound of the WAYMAKER the sound of BREAKTHROUGH. The sound of the NAZARITE CRY and the sound that releases the WAR CRY.

NO FEAR doesnt stand a chance when we STAND IN YOUR LOVE. OPEN UP THE FLOODGATES with the THIRD DAY babies learning to STOMP our way to ascend and OPEN UP THE GATES calling for ANGELS OF BREAKTHROUGH to break open the way! Make room, make room we are about to take ground! AINT NO GRAVE going to hold our bodies down! We are quickly coming as some sing OPEN UP ANCIRNT GATES, know that we are RESURRECTING and will make the darkness TREMBLE as we TAKE A MOMENT and give up our praises, like shouting from ROOFTOPS! GODS GOT AN ARMY! We are LIVING in the OVERFLOW He has SET A FIRE down in our soul that we can’t contain and won’t control! As we sing BUILD MY LIFE  and call LET REVIVAL COME, we are hungry to RAISE A HALLELUJAH and see our RECKLESS LOVE come.


One thought on “Sounds Change

  1. Reading this a shout raise up in my spirit man crying out YES LORD JESUS YES IN YOUR NAME MAY YOU RELEASE THE FIRE IN US AND THROUGH US! Woooo!! This is fire!

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