What’s happening now, I hear a sound, the Prophetic Revolution Rising, and shaking the ground! Wombs and Tombs are contracting now! Call forth, empty them where movement is found!

There is a lot of rumbling going on, the kingdoms are shaking now, the winds are blowing and more are AWAKENING!
As the wind blows and the earth shakes, contractions bring sounds and releasing. And much will be moved, repositioned, transitioned, even seem displaced.
Kingdom clashes of power and might become like a showdown in the realm of the spirit, as the enemy throws down his rod arrogantly to threaten and intimidate, the King of GLORY throws down His rod to raise and deliver!

The stakes are raising, and values being appraised as many awaken and examine that which is taking place! Epic showdowns for those with eyes to see, but get ready all you who have been on your knees; for the Almighty is about to make some moves, and religion and fears He will confuse, for He has a plan and laborers ready to go, but strategic placement is something every good General knows!
There is no earthly playbook nor sound for alarm for this is the Kings inheritance Hes taking with arms! Waste no time and beg no pardon, for the way He will move is not to be LACED with religous jargon!
An entire generation held captive by Baal and those in forced prisons lured away by Jezebel –will begin to shake and make AWAKENING moves, sneezes and coughs and arousing in the hour as God begins to display His mighty power.

Move out of the way you Ahab types for gone are the ways of hindering the gates. Prophets have been hidden away in secret caves a sound of revival and such a great praise will cause a mountain ascending to be seen in these days. The epic of showdowns being strategized now, who will lap the waters and who will be the fount. The All Consuming One will show with Fierce Blaze, for this is a move only the Heavens can make!
A marked generation yet to be found they will finish the fight as they throw her down! With cries for righteous and holy ways there are thousands upon thousands of youth who will storm the gates. Never has the likes of any been seen, for these were counted out while they were asleep!

Woe to those with fingers who point, for Jehovah with oil will come to appoint, the misfits, the lost, and the broken who sing, With the God of Elijah we call for our King! Horses trampling, increasing hooves sounds, the PROPHETIC REVOLUTION will mark this showdown.
Suffer the little ones not Jesus said to the crowd, for out of the mouth of babes, HEAVEN Speaks the profound. The seed that crushes the serpents head will be sons and daughters appearing as dead. Up from the ASHES like clanking bones, will stand a Mighty Army in Christ Alone!

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