Often times a leader finds themselves in a role they did not ask for. The role of leader. Not looking to make followers and yet they turn and there they are, people are following them.

The Apostle Paul said, Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. 1 Cor. 11:1

In the Body of Christ today this creating followers is very frowned upon. We are to make disciples only of new converts. Growing further in the things of God in the context of leaders and followers is not the goal. It is of utmost importance that we teach new believers to follow Christ and not self. This is nothing new to anyone who has been in the church circles for very long.

Some local bodies set in leaders. The pastors or board members will set in a leader over a specific group or function. Leaders are born leaders though, and therein lies the difficulty. I see many in the Kingdom these days who think themselves to be a leader, yet have not been set in as a leader over any specific group or function. There are only so many openings for such.


Many “new breeds” as I call them have become confused and discouraged in the local church house and have begun to jump from one place to another trying to find a place to fit. I know tons of these younger, yet quite mature in the things of God, believers personally myself. It breaks my heart to have watched this over the last couple of years with so many I personally love and care for.

We are meant to all function in using our gift or as a gift in the Kingdom as we go about our daily life. That does not require a title or a specific function. We are called to be His hands and feet to a lost and dying world. To be Jesus to the least of these. If so many are waiting on a specific spot who is being Jesus?

I read and hear some say where are the Deborah’s, the Daniel’s, the David’s. Where are the prophets, the evangelists, and so on. I see where they are. They are straggled all over the place looking for a place to fit in the Kingdom. Many of them have believed a lie. They have fallen for a fascade,that there is a position or a title for them in a perfect place. They have believed that God has created a specific place for them and any day, any moment now a leader somewhere will recognize them and their gift and set them in their place.

I have said for quite some time now that there has been a “Hollywood” glitz added to the appearance of what ministry is. I wish I could tell these new breeds to stop waiting for some “big break” and just keep worshipping the King. It is only at the King’s Table that you will find what you are looking for.

We are living in a time where evangelists, teachers, apostles and prophets have been raised up and restored again in the spirit. There are many of all, and many are called and recognized as such by Heaven and those with the discerning of spirits; however they are not recognized by the “church”.

Which is more important? That one be a leader by nature and live to worship and please the King? Or That one be recognized by man/church and set in some place?

What makes a leader?

*You cannot be a leader without followers.
*You cannot be a shepherd/elder without sheep to be responsible for.
*You cannot be responsible for anything/anyone you are not accountable for.
*If one thinks themself to be a leader then they are accountable for what/whom they lead.
*No accountability No responsibility- No leader
*No sheep No shepherd
A shepherd without sheep is simply lost with no purpose
A sheep without a shepherd is simply lost with no guidance

The offspring of a leader is a follower
You cannot be a teacher without students, nor can you be a student without a teacher.

We must be a leader to those around us in our daily life by being an example. Often times when someone calls you a leader, what they really mean is that you are an example to others. The definition and communication can easily cause one to be confused as we tend to think leaders should have roles.

You are what God creates you to be! Whether that be a leader, an evangelist, a prophet, or an apostle, a father, a mother, a mechanic, a cook, you are you and you are precious to your Father!

Just be you! Know that Heaven knows who you are and Rest in Him! Stop striving for anyone else to see and know you! God has a plan, let Him reveal His plan! Do not back down from what/who God says you are! All of Heaven backs you! We cannot fall prey to the enemies setup of thinking ourselves more highly than we ought. Nor can we fall prey to thinking we have no value to offer. We must find proper biblical perspective in the words of Jesus. Go ye and make disciples!

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matt. 28:19-20

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