As darkness tries to roll over your bones understand that I am the I am. I am the BREATH of Life. As darkness increases and CONTINUES to increase, you must learn to come to Me. Run to me, and breathe in. Inhale deep in My Presence and I will give you life. Life that ye know not apart from Me. For I am the Life, I am the Peace, I am the JOY. Yes run and Sit with Me and breathe, breathe deep that you may inhale my Life, My Peace, My Joy. For In My Presence is FULLNESS of Joy.
As the HEAVENS roar and many war, I am your stillness, I am your Life. In my presence is Joy Evermore. I am Your Prince of Peace. Come and breathe deep, inhale My Breath, for My breath is Life to you.
All the ASHES, all the pieces, all the crumbs you hold I will beautify, I will make beautiful again. Have you not heard I give BEAUTY for ashes. I am the Bright and Morningstar, there is no other. You will not find life in any other, no, not one. For I am the One, the Way of Life, of Peace, of Joy.
Breathe deep, I am your Stillness when all else is moving SWIFTLY and rolling rumbling all around, BE STILL AND BREATHE DEEP AND LISTEN FOR MY SOUND. For My sound is the Sound of Life, Zoe Life is found not by your efforts, not by your POWER nor might but By My Spirit is the Breath of Life. Be still and Know that I alone am God.

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