The Lock🔓🗝 and the Key

The Lock in the gateway, placed there to ” bar the way” they had been long barred out of the way of the Gate.
Now there was a Key of Knowledge found in the King’s Treasury room.
Luke’s account likens unto this key.
” Woe unto you, lawyers! For you have taken away the Key of Knowldege, ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in, ye hindered.” ( Luke 11:52)

In taking away the Key of Knowledge, they kept the door locked and it’s potential way to eternal life. The place of transition, access, entrance, and oppurtunity had been taken hostage by the theft of the key. The theft of these law- yers had barred out those who were entering in.
The key stolen had been redeemed and stored away in the King’s Treasury.
The Door to the King’s Gate opening up the way had been barred, but now disarmed there is an Open Gate!
There remains a veiw where you can see how to use this lock and key. The Key of Knowledge that opens the Gate, where there in that place the King’s Favour awaits.
In order to have this view you must position yourself to press through, in the smallest of space, you will find it down on the floor while on your face.
It’s a place called Humility, and it’s a tight squeeze but there you can catch a glimpse of the Light that frees.
Cries are heard here in this place, and as you enter through this gate, the Key of Knowledge will UNLOCK all thats written by what blood bought.
Those who venture to go in this way will be called the Giant Slayers of their day!
The Lock is there, and the Key of Knowledge redeemed, justified, and purchased with blood and a crown. Your King’s Treasury unlocked awaits, but first you must enter in through the King’s Gate.

#Estherinspirations #Quietencounters #KingsTreasury #SustainedStorehouses

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