angel feather
sights and sounds of heaven

The Sounds of Heaven only invade our ear when the Aroma of Worship is released. Still and close holding no fear, we enter in by His Presence so near.

Thoughts of mercy, thoughts of grace, His very essence fills the place. Heightened awareness comes ever real as whispers go forth with excited chills.

To catch a glimpse, to hear a sound, to stand in awe knowing Heavens moving now.

Deeper and Deeper surrender goes not knowing an end just breathe and go.

We must never back away from our First Love’s sound, but know where we stand is Holy Ground.

As holy angels whisp and zoom on ever side the earth and the heavens do collide.

To be lost and undone and feel His touch these are the times I love so much.

Not of this earth many do say, yet continue to walk the very same way.

Mercy takes us in but it’s in that place a dying must begin.

When we want Heavens gate to open and angels to descend, we must draw ever so close and worship again.

Many He loves and even call His friends yet in His heart there are chambers only some get in.

Surrender is the key to unlock this realm where you will catch a glimpse of the sweet Holy Place where Heaven comes down.

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