My Love is astonishingly strong, He is a Mighty Man of War. He is escorted by the Angels of War. He wars beautifully in the LIGHT of His Love for me. He makes a sound of war that rings out as a clarion call warning as if to say, Do Not Touch my beloved. He rides upon the chariot with a fiery host all encompassing Him. He watches over me as a father would a child. He is Noble, Just, and True. His Love will never waiver for me, He has captivated me, stolen away my heart. My Love, my gaze belongs to Him for all of my days. He has given me the eyes of a dove. My eyes crave His wonder. My being craves His touch. I know I am safe with my Love Warrior no matter where I go. He sends His Watchers forth to escort me and keep me safe lest I dash my foot against a stone. He prepares me, He trains me, He has taught me skills and strategies that I might be fit to be called His Princess Warrior. Yes, He has trained His Princess to be victorious in battle! My Love Warrior spilled the most beautiful holy blood ever known to mankind to capture My love. I must love Him, my Love Warrior, I must love Him and keep my gaze fixed upon Him. He is The Royal King, My Lord, My Love and I, His Princess Warrior.

Christina Sturgeon


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