Travail, Birthing prayer…prepare for the sound coming! To come in such close proximity in intimate moments that you conceive. To have your spiritual womb full and carry to term is quite a miraculous thing. Exactly one year ago I recieved a word directly from the Lord about what I was carrying in my womb. The prophetic word included instructions of who my mid-wives were, who would be like a birthing coach. Wow was all this at a new level. I was carrying promises from the Lord.

The definition of travail from Webster’s New World Dictionary is 1. very hard work 2. the pains of childbirth 3. intense pain, agony, to toil to suffer pains of childbirth. there is a physical and a spiritual travail. Travial occurs after you have carried longterm.

It creates an opening, a place to bring forth new life, new measure, new growth. We see in 1Kings 18 that Elijah got down, put his head between his knees and travailed in prayer to bring forth rain. Often travail will come from a promise or a prophecy spoken and nurtured. Elijah had spoken a word prophecying a drought. When the drought was to be ended he birthed the rain in prayer and ended the drought in the land. We see through description that he got into a birthing position to pray, and pushed, labored or travailed in prayer.

As the water breaks, this means as the water of the word breaks forth through the Spirit of God, the birthing of something new is not far behind. I recieved a warning in a dream last night; do not pull or force the baby from the birth canal, let the water break, let the labor come, and allow for wisdom and understanding in delivery.

Travail or Birthing prayer is intense intercession that seems to have been lost throughout recent generations. Both individuals or groups can enter into travailing prayer. Many are believing for another great awakening, revivals, outpourings, but who will the Spirit intercede through?

Once birthed, this new baby will need to breathe, be nourished and nurtured and given room to grow. You may be expecting and not know what your expecting. Maybe the identity has not been revealed yet. All is well, you will learn as you obey the Lord and follow His instructions. What parent is not anxious with tons of questions right!

Dreams and Desires in His Presence will cause you to become pregnant with destiny! Pregnant with creative ideas, adventures, missions, assignments! Nurturing your dreams, desires, ideas in prayer will cause you to carry them as an infant developing! The enemy hates what is born from Heaven’s throneroom, so he often puts up a fight. However; God is faithful to watch over when we are faithfully seeking. Guard, Protect the promises and Prophetic words you are carrying. (more to come on this)

I believe many good and perfect gifts are soon to be birthed into the earth in all forms, businesses, inventions, books, plays, songs, sounds, ministries, etc…God bless you and your seed! All is well, We call forth that which God has already sent in Jesus name!

James 1:17 says ” Every good and perfect gift is from above; and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

It’s a simple start ,whether your male or female, to learn the art of intercession and travail, it’s simply being filled with Holy Spirit and allowing Him to make intercession through you. Make yourself available and pray in the spirit increasingly more and more. He will guide and teach you. (see Romans 8)

Christina Sturgeon

Travail, birthing prayer, intercession

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